PREMIUM LONG orthopedic mattress + plastic cover for the leg of the chair

RIA orthopedic mattresses covered with a unique soft, elastic and waterproof fabric that is easy to clean from dirt; it is enough to wipe the cover with a damp sponge. In case of strong dirt, fabric can be machine-washed. The covers reliability protect the viscoelastic, heat-sensitive material inside the product, which has a shape memory. Thanks to this ability of a memory, your patient can sit longer in dental chair without losing comfort. The inner filling of orthopedic mattresses treated with a special antibacterial composition that prevents the development of microorganisms, and does not need cleaning during the entire time of use. It gives comfort to patients, protects dental upholstery, hides scratches, and scuffs on the dental unit.

The Bielastic fabric. The upper side is polyurethane coating. The lower side is

Backrest height – 50cm
Backrest width – 30 cm ( in the narrow part), 58cm( in the wide part)
Seat length – 110cm
Seat width – 36cm ( in the narrow part), 50cm( in the wide part)
Thickness – 5cm